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Roush has developed this strictly limited edition of the Ford GT to mark the end of production for the American supercar.
The vehicle was designed and is built at the Roush Technical Centre based in Brentwood, Essex.
The 600RE is based on a standard Ford GT but features engine and styling modifications, these include:
* Upgraded supercharger pulley system * Unique vehicle numbering and identity plaques * Unique keyed light pack * Tubi exhaust system * Tinted windows * Transmission oil breather system * Colour coded hoses * Black powder coated wheels * (Optional) 4-point harness pack
Power and price figures have not yet been released, but the 600RE hints at a figure of 600bhp. Only 10 Roush 600RE’s will be built, so you’d better get that order in quick!
In my eyes, the Ford GT is the ultimate Ford and Roush have done the job of making what was already a pretty special car into something seriously unique not to mention fast!
Roush’s attention to detail on all their cars is a real credit to the company and this particular model is no exception. Many aftermarket car manufacturers just fettle the engine to get it to produce lot’s more horsepower than the original but Roush takes it much further than that, they always provide the complete package with modifications to pretty much every part in the drive train.
This version of the GT looks awesome with its black paint and black wheels, making the car look rather stealthy that is until you open up the throttle!
It will be interesting to see the proper power and price figures when they are released, not sure I will be able to afford one but I can dream.
I think it’s a shame Roush only planned to make 10 of these cars, they clearly want to keep it seriously exclusive but I think the demand for these cars is going to be huge just as it is for the standard Ford GT.

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