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Lotus Evija is a striking new all-electric hypercar and the first from a British manufacturer.

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Lotus Evija/ Credit: Internet/Lotus

Lightweight construction, downforce and a ton of power are what the Lotus Evija is all about. The car looks nothing like a Lotus. The low front end has intakes on the hood that channel air over the canopy, while the bi-plane splitter guides air around the wheel wells and into the side vents. Speaking of the side vents, these are like the buttresses on the Ford GT, except even more extreme. The vents open up at the rear forming a tunnel that has LED rings that act as taillights. The diffuser is equally insane and has a vertical stoplight.

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Lotus Evija/ Credit: Internet/Lotus

The Evija has an active rear spoiler with an F1-style drag reduction system (DRS). Conventional mirrors have been replaced with cameras that can retract into the bodywork.

On the Lotus Evija giant venturi tunnels exit at the rear, rimmed by the taillights

Lotus Evija Rear Exterior/ Credit: Internet/Lotus

 Inside, the Evija has an exposed carbon monocoque with a floating center console. It has a small,   rectangular steering wheel, a digital instrument cluster, and carbon seats.
 The car weighs just 1680 kg. (3700 lbs.)

Handle-holes in the seats should bring cooling air up through your crotch
Handle-holes in the seats should bring cooling air up through your crotch(Credit: Lotus)

The interior, as with the exterior, places a focus on big holes
The interior, as with the exterior, places a focus on big holes(Credit: Lotus)

The Lotus Evija is said to be the most powerful production road car. It is powered by two electric motors that developed 2000 PS (1973 hp) and 1700 Nm (1254 lb-ft) of torque. It has torque vectoring and comes with five driving modes – Range, City, Tour, Sport, and Track. The 2000 kW lithium-ion battery is supplied by Williams Advanced Engineering and is mounted behind the seats. It offers a maximum range of 250 miles (WLTP cycle) and can be recharged to 80% of its capacity in just 12 minutes. Recharging the battery to its full capacity takes 18 minutes. 0-62 mph comes up in under 3 seconds and the car will reach a top speed in excess of 200 mph.

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The Lotus Evija's retracting charge port flap(Credit: Lotus)

The Evija comes fitted with motorsport-derived suspension with three adaptive spool-valve dampers for each axle. It rides on 20 and 21-inch wheels at the front and rear respectively and has AP Racing carbon-ceramic brakes.

The Lotus Evija has 20-inch wheels on the front
The Lotus Evija has 20-inch wheels on the front(Credit: Lotus)

The Lotus Evija's bi-plane front splitter
The Lotus Evija's bi-plane front splitter(Credit: Lotus)                                            

Front-on with the Lotus Evija
Lotus Evija/ Credit: Internet/Lotus

A wicked side profile
Lotus Evija/ Credit: Internet/Lotus

The Lotus Evija will be built in Hethel, UK. Production will commence in 2020. Only 130 cars will be produced, each priced from £1.7 million excluding duties and taxes. A production slot can be booked with a £250,000 deposit.

Source: Lotus

Lotus Evija (2020) - Head / Tail Lamps

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