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Future V12s Could Be Hybrids

If you’re a huge fan of the naturally aspirated V12 engines in Lamborghinis then you may be in for a world of hurt. According to McLarenLife forum user Champagne612, it seems the Aventador SVR could be the last Lambo to feature a non-hybrid V12. After this car, the user says Lamborghini will be forced to make hybrid cars.
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The Aventador SVR will have a naturally aspirated V12 that makes a whopping 830 hp. The Supercar Blog reports that it will likely be a track-only car. Lamborghini will produce only around 40 of the cars, and those models could be delivered to buyers in 2021. The car will likely be stripped down considerably and customers could be offered different track day packages. 
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The Aventador is aging quickly. The car has been in the Lamborghini lineup since 2011. It’s safe to say the model is due for a replacement. At this time, it’s unclear what that replacement will be, but you can bet it’ll have a hybrid powertrain of some kind. That powertrain will likely be a lot like the Sian, which is Lamborghini’s first hybrid. The car features a special supercapacitor instead of a heavy battery, but it’s still not a naturally aspirated engine like is in the Aventador SVR. It’ll be interesting to see what Lamborghini does in the future. 


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