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 1932 Alfa Romeo P3 | ©

The 1932 season would be fought without the German cars from Daimler Benz. It would also be one with an open formula that limited only the length of the races to five hours. Building upon the lessons learned with the P2, Jano created the P3. The P3 Monoposto was the first genuine single-seat racing car in Grand Prix racing. It was powered by an eight-cylinder engine built around two four-cylinder blocks, each fed by its own Roots supercharger. 

One of the engine's major strengths was its low-speed torque.  Power to the rear wheels was transmitted through twin driveshafts that allowed for the driver's seat to be placed lower in the chassis. The original leaf spring suspension was replaced in 1935 by an independent Dubonnet front suspension. The complete car weighed in at only 1,545 lbs. and was it not for its cast-iron block engine, it would have weighed considerably less. 

via: Sports Car Digest.

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