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Made famous for its role in Miami Vice and Sega’s Out Run, the Testarossa was Ferrari’s leading supercar in the mid-eighties. Its distinctive side strakes and ultra-wide rear track inspired many other supercar designs and they became a symbol of 1980’s retrograde culture. Compared to the 512i BB it effectively replaced, the Testarossa was a larger car that accommodated mid-mounted radiators. This helped reduce cockpit heat and also had the effect of making the car much wider at the rear. It also provided more space in the front trunk. The Testarossa was powered by a 4.9-liter version of Ferrari’s Boxer-12 which was effectively a 180º V12. Producing 390 bhp, 0–60 miles per hour was typically clocked at 5.2 seconds. Released at the 1984 Paris Motor Show, the Testarossa was an international car which required little modification for importation to America. It was produced with very few changes up until 1991 when it was updated to the 512TR. Photo Source: The post Car Of The Day: 1984 Ferrari Testarossa appeared first on Sports Car Digest.

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